You Only Live Once!

What is the common bond that unites a such a diverse group of people? I’ve just spent the past semester (Spring ’11) studying abroad at Sogang University in S. Korea. I’ve learned so much about other people; learning to appreciate cultural differences and different life perspectives. Who would’ve known, that in such a homogenous country … More You Only Live Once!

Food for Thought

Its been a long time since my last post, because I’ve been busy/lazy with finals and all of that good stuff. Upon reflection of the past year, I’ve come to realize quite a few things…but I wont bore you with any of that. I will, however, tell you of my subsequent post-BC exploits. My life … More Food for Thought

The Underdog

I am writing about my thoughts of the underdog in the spirit of march madness. Although some of my beloved have fallen, others have emerged. *cough* Cornell *cough* I hope Cornell goes all the way. =] Underdog. Cinderella. Giant-killer. There is just something about the underdog that draws our sympathy. What is it about the … More The Underdog

Nike Hyperize

Hyperize indeed. I may be going overboard in this post, so please forgive any seemingly partiality tendency to this, past, and future posts. I just bought a pair of basketball sneakers, which led me to think. Since I do not really have much money to begin with, every decision I make, whether financial or not, … More Nike Hyperize

We are the World

I came upon this photo blog on Time Magazine, about what the world eats. It was interesting that for the most part, money spent on groceries were relatively the same, but there were a few outliers, such as Chad. Chadanese families spent an average of less than $2 a week on food, while in America, … More We are the World

Happy 삼일절 (Korean Independence Day)!

March 1st marks the ‘March 1st movement’ for independence in Korea from Japanese rule. I had an intense conversation with my mom about this historical event, and other stuff about Korean culture. Dang, it seems as though I know very little about my motherland! But luckily, I’m taking advantage of the opportunity to study abroad … More Happy 삼일절 (Korean Independence Day)!